About Me

This is my story, so far.

I am initially from Carinthia, the most southern provice of Austria. After attending primary and secondary school in my hometown I went to a polytechnic college (HTL Eisenstadt) with a focus on aeronautics. This is the place where I learned milling, lathing, welding and polymer processing on top of a basic training in engineering and aircraft maintenance. Afterwards I studied Physics at the Technical University of Vienna during which I did an exchange semester at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Driven by the great experiences in Illinois, my bachelor thesis at CERN I wanted to return to the US to continue my studies in the field of particle physics. Thanks to a great American professor and a Marshall Plan Foundation scholarship this was made possible and I could do half of my master's studies at the University of California in Berkeley in 2014. It was during that year that I learned windsurfing at the amazing Cal Sailing Club (CSC).
To say the least, the time in Berkeley was unrivaled. Every windy day (almost every day during summer) after work I would bike from the lab to CSC for an evening of windsurfing, very often followed by a BBQ with other expats and locals. During that time I also met my girlfriend who also learned to windsurf at CSC.
At the end of 2014 I moved back to Europe to start my PhD at ETH Zurich early spring 2015 which I finished in 2020. Unfortunately the winds in Switzerland are not as constant nor present as in California but there are great spots to windsurf many days of the year. With no CSC around the only way to get windsurfing in Switzerland was to rent equipment from stations (which is expensive) or to get it from friends (thanks Stephan!). After California I was broke, so it took me about 1 year to acquire all the needed windsurfing stuff. Another problem was getting to the spots wich are all 40 km and more away from Zurich. Without having a car I used the Swiss Railway to get me and my 30 kg session bag (shown below) around.

Session bag in the train station

This approach was a good training both for muscles and aerobic endurance but an agony after an exhausting time on the water. Luckyly the financial situation bettered and I now have a car to transport the windsurfing stuff.

Car with session bag on top

At about the same time we started to do yearly trips to Jericoacoara/Brazil which for me overall is the best windsurfing spot in the world.

Car with session bag on top

This summer I started foiling which I think is one of the biggest revolutions windsurfing has seen in a long time. The feeling of foiling is hard to put in words - skiing down a mountain covered with a meter of the finest powdersnow probably describes it the best. There is no shaking, no sound, much less power in the sail - it is like flying.

This website is about windsurfing, kitesurfing, foiling and some of my projects related to it. I hope you find some of the information here useful. In any case feel free to contact me.