Fanatic Aero Fuselage Shortening

One Fuselage for Two Settings

Posted by Christian on Nov. 8, 2020 Category: Projects

Most pump-foiling videos use the Fanatic Aero foil with the 'short' 640 mm instead of the 'long' 800 mm fuselage. Since I hadn't progressed much in how far I could pump with the smaller back wing I decided to give it a try and added a second mounting position at 640 mm. And it worked miracles - suddenly my pumping distance was only limited by my stamina!

Adding the second position was quite simple. I mounted the fuselage on a mill with the contact face of the original mounting position parallel to the clamping table and fixed it with two screws in the front where the mast usually goes and one clamp in the back. Claming of the fuselage to the clamping table

Then I milled 3 mm into the fuselage to have enough contact face for the back wing. Doing that with a file and some craftsmanship should also be possible. Milling contact face

Ultimately I added two M6 HELICOIL® inserts for screwing the back wing to the fuselage (40 mm distance between the holes). Helicoil inserts (M6) for mounting the back wing

This is the final result. Now the fuselage has two mounting positions for the back wing. In terms of 'pumpability' this was a huge improvement. Partially I think this is because the cadence with the 640 mm setup does not need to be as large as with the 800 mm setup and in addition it is more forgiving when it comes to stalling the front wing (you can prevent a stall by pushing down hard in the front, which was sometimes not possible anymore with the long fuselage). New pump foiling setup

At some point we will make a video which compares the two mounting positions. Stay tuned!

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